PROFIMAT® Wheelprotect

Tyre cradle to protect against flat tyres during longer standing times


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PROFIMAT® wheelprotect (also called tyre protector, tyre cradle or tyre shoe) is an elastic protective tile that protects tyres from punctures. A flat tyre usually occurs when a car is not moved for several weeks or even years. As a result of standing for a long time, the area of the tyre that is in contact with the ground flattens due to the weight of the vehicle. This becomes noticeable in the form of a slight running irregularity or steering wheel vibrations. PROFIMAT® wheelprotect is designed to prevent this phenomenon. Thanks to its elasticity, it adapts to the tyre to be protected and its rounded shape offers an optimal contact surface. The forces caused by the vehicle weight are optimally distributed and evenly dissipated via the tyre cradle.

It is perfect for vehicles with seasonal registration, classic cars, motorbikes, caravans, caravans, horse or boat trailers.
Two different sizes (wheelprotect standard for 13-18″ or wheelprotect XL for 18-22″) ensure that every tyre can fit perfectly.


standard for 13-18“

Wheelprotect XL

XL for 18-22“

The tyre cradle is equipped with a flattened drive-on aid at the front and rear respectively to ensure easy driving up and down. The product stays in the intended position due to its special shape, the weight and the anti-slip effect of the material (recycled rubber granulate). Another advantage is the groove line integrated on the back. This means that the product can easily be cut in half with a carpet knife if necessary (for example, for thinner tyres such as motorbikes).
PROFIMAT® wheelprotect can be used all year round. The suitability of the surface must be checked if necessary.


Test report: Summary of IPW Report 532
The effect has been independently tested. The flat spot investigation carried out against a reference tyre on a single comparison object clearly confirmed the client’s thesis in the selected test configuration: The PROFIMAT® tyre cradle contributed to reducing the intensity of the dynamic force variation by more than 25%.


Advantages & properties of PROFIMAT® Wheelprotect

Icon Protecting the tyres from punctures

Protecting the tyres from punctures

Tyres from 13-22" are effectively protected by the shape and the elastic material.

Icon Drive-on aid on both sides

Drive-on aid on both sides

The edges at the front and back are bevelled so that you can easily drive up and down.

Icon Permanently elastic

Permanently elastic

Thanks to the recycled rubber granulate material, the product remains elastic even after many years in use and has the same positive properties.

Icon Frost and weather resistant

Frost and weather resistant

Wheelprotect is resistant to all weather influences such as frost, ice, wind and sun. Rotting is impossible.

Icon Made in Salzwedel, Germany

Made in Salzwedel, Germany

All PROFIMAT® products are manufactured in Salzwedel, Saxony-Anhalt by qualified employees. This ensures short transport routes and thus avoids journeys halfway around the world.

Icon Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials

The product is made of recycled rubber granulate and can also be recycled again after use - in keeping with the environmentally friendly rubber cycle.

Application examples of PROFIMAT® Wheelprotect