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PROFIMAT® is the premium brand for DIY construction and specialist stores. As a division of KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG, PROFIMAT® is known for high-quality products made of recycled rubber granulate and PU foam. As a reliable retail partner, the PROFIMAT® brand offers solutions that are jointly tailored to the various requirements and needs of the retail market. We would be pleased to develop new formats or individual product solutions for you for the most diverse uses and applications!


Bumpy is used on the ground to protect vehicles from hitting walls. Installed on walls, the bumper protects car doors from dents and paint damage, and the wall from crumbling plaster.


PROFIMAT® wheelprotect (XL)

A flat tyre usually occurs when a car is not moved for several weeks or even years. Thanks to the rounded contact surface and the elastic material, the tyre cradle effectively protects against punctures.

PROFIMAT® Tyre protector

Like our tyre cradle, the PROFIMAT® tyre protector protects seasonally registered vehicles, classic cars, motorbikes and caravans from flat tyres during long periods of standing.

Tyre protector
Curb ramp

PROFIMAT® Curb ramp

The PROFIMAT® curb ramp makes it easier to drive onto curbs and thus effectively prevents damage to tyres, rims and shock absorbers. Lift trucks, prams or wheelchair users also benefit from the ramp.

PROFIMAT® Ladder safety mat

The PROFIMAT® ladder safety mat ensures that all ladders stand safely on a wide variety of surfaces such as stone, asphalt, wood, tiles or even indoor floor coverings.

Ladder safety mat
Impact protection slab

PROFIMAT® Impact protection slab

The PROFIMAT® impact protection slab ensures safety on children’s playgrounds. It is TÜV-tested with a fall height of 1.0 m.

PROFIMAT® Washing machine mat

The PROFIMAT® washing machine mat effectively reduces sound and vibrations caused by washing machines and ensures peace and quiet within your own four walls.

Washing machine mat
Knee cushion

PROFIMAT® Knee cushion

The ergonomic PROFIMAT® knee cushion protects the highly sensitive knee joints as well as legs and back from wear and tear in a preventive way. It is suitable for numerous kneeling activities for manual workers and do-it-yourselfers.

PROFIMAT® Floor mat

PROFIMAT® ergonomic floor mats provide effective protection against wear and tear on joints and the spine, hips or even varicose veins and phlebitis during prolonged standing activities thanks to their elasticity and softness.

Floor mat
Universal rubber roll

PROFIMAT® Universal rubber roll

The PROFIMAT® universal rubber roll is suitable almost everywhere where anti-slip, vibration-reducing or protective effects and high resistance are required. The possible applications are almost limitless.

PROFIMAT® Structural protection mat

The PROFIMAT® structural protection mat provides protection against mechanical damage for high-quality waterproofing and insulation on flat roofs.

Structural protection mat
Akustik base

PROFIMAT® Akustik base

PROFIMAT® Akustik base is the all-round insulation underlay for impact sound insulation and decoupling. It can be laid under a wide range of floor coverings and ensures more peace and quiet – both within your own four walls and for your neighbours.

PROFIMAT® Fitness eco

PROFIMAT® Fitness eco is a robust, easy-care and water-resistant floor covering that is particularly suitable for fitness and weight training areas, sales and exhibition areas and equipment rooms.

Fitness eco roll

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