Collision protection in front of kerbs, walls, etc. with recesses for reflectors


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PROFIMAT® Bumpy is a buffer made of recycled rubber granulate. When the product is used on the ground, it serves to efficiently brake vehicles so that they cannot hit walls or drive over certain areas. Especially when parking in tight and unclear situations, the approach buffer is a good help. When mounted on walls, Bumpy protects car doors from dents and paint damage as well as walls from crumbling paint and plaster.


Due to the material and the light hollow space, PROFIMAT® Bumpy is permanently elastic. Tyres are therefore not as badly affected when starting up as, for example, with hard concrete edges. Frost, hail and salt water are just as resistant to our Bumpy bumper as UV radiation.

The inconspicuous, harmonious design of the bumper blends in much more elegantly with multi-storey car parks, underground garages or even carports than bulky car park fencing with yellow and black stripes. Nevertheless, thanks to the integrated recesses for reflectors (Ø 60 mm) (Not included in delivery), there is sufficient visibility. You can find appropriate reflectors in any DIY store. In this way, different requirements for lighting conditions and spaces can be met.


PROFIMAT® Bumpy can be fixed to the floor or walls by means of two metal screws (concrete screw Ø 8 x 120 mm for floor fixing, fixing screw Ø 8 x 120 mm with dowel for wall fixing). Two holes are already pre-drilled for this purpose. Alternatively, gluing is also possible. The scews are not included in the delivery.

Unlike products made of hard plastic, PROFIMAT® Bumpy is made of 100% recycled rubber granulate and can be 100% recycled again at the end of its life. This protects the environment and saves CO2.


Advantages & properties of PROFIMAT® Bumpy

Icon Collision protection in front of kerbs & walls

Collision protection in front of kerbs & walls

Bumpy is made of elastic recycled rubber granulate. The product can cushion car doors that are opened against walls and stops the tyre from hitting walls.

Icon Recesses for reflectors

Recesses for reflectors

Glued-on reflectors (Ø 60 mm) also ensure that PROFIMAT® Bumpy is seen clearly at night when illuminated by car headlights. (Not included in delivery)

Icon Integrated holes for fixing screws

Integrated holes for fixing screws

The product has two holes ex works to fix it in the floor with two screws (Ø 8 x 120 mm). (Not included in delivery)

Icon Frost and weather resistant

Frost and weather resistant

Bumpy is resistant to all weather influences such as frost, ice, wind and sun. Rotting is impossible.

Icon Made in Salzwedel, Germany

Made in Salzwedel, Germany

All PROFIMAT® products are manufactured in Salzwedel, Saxony-Anhalt by qualified employees. This ensures short transport routes and thus avoids journeys halfway around the world.

Icon Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials

The product is made of recycled rubber granulate and can also be recycled again after use - in keeping with the environmentally friendly rubber cycle.

Applications of PROFIMAT® Bumpy