PROFIMAT® Floor mat

Protects joints, spine and hips from wear and tear during long periods of standing and walking


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It has been proven that standing and walking on hard surfaces for long periods can lead to permanent health problems. Thanks to their elasticity and softness, PROFIMAT® ergonomic floor mats effectively protect against signs of wear and tear on joints and the spine, hips or even varicose veins and phlebitis. The specially developed PUR integral foam system also protects the spine. PROFIMAT® ergonomic floor mats are typically used in garages, workshops and in industry.

Floor mat

The load-reducing effect has been examined and proven in a study by the Ergonomics Institute Munich. The effective damping behaviour has a proven effect against fatigue and ensures motivation and performance. The test showed a 60% reduction in stress. Thus, the floor mat can help to reduce the absenteeism rate of your employees and thus preserve the most important resource in the company – people.

Floor mat ESD

Smaller areas or individual workplaces can be equipped with individual mats that have flattened edges to protect against tripping. For large areas, there are ergonomic floor mats with serrations that can be joined together endlessly. There are also variants with round or flat studs and antistatic products.

Floor mat interlocked on both sides ESD

Thanks to the cellular PUR core, the ergonomic mat is permanently elastic. Oils, solvents, petrol, grease and many chemicals cannot harm it (for a detailed list of resistance to chemicals, please contact us). The closed-pored surface makes the floor mat easy to clean. A certain degree of impact sound insulation is also one of the convincing advantages.


Advantages & properties of PROFIMAT® ergonomic floor mat

Icon Reduces fatigue in feet, legs and back

Reduces fatigue in feet, legs and back

The Ergonomics Institute Munich certifies a 60% lower strain on the body and joints.

Icon Permanently elastic

Permanently elastic

The permanent elasticity is provided by the cellular PUR core - even after many years.

Icon High slip resistance

High slip resistance

To prevent injuries, our ergonomic floor mat is extremely slip-resistant thanks to the material and the studs.

Icon Resistant to oils, greases and many chemicals

Resistant to oils, greases and many chemicals

This is particularly important for use in industry.

Icon Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Due to the closed-pored surface, the product can be cleaned quickly and inexpensively.

Icon Protection from wet and cold

Protection from wet and cold

The material has an insulating effect against cold and wet floors.

Application examples