PROFIMAT® Akustik base

Impact sound insulation underlay for all common floor coverings

Akustik base

PROFIMAT® Akustik base is the all-round insulation underlay for impact sound insulation and decoupling. It can be laid under parquet, carpet, laminate, tiles (*) as well as linoleum and PVC (**) and ensures more peace and quiet – both within your own four walls and for your neighbours.
PROFIMAT® Akustik base creates a pleasant living and working environment by reducing sound and vibrations and is a universal product for high demands.

Akustik base

The chair castor and indentation behaviour of floor coverings may change in combination with insulating underlays. Only lay coverings on insulation underlays that have been approved by the manufacturer for this application. Before each installation, please observe the instructions and processing guidelines of the adhesive and top flooring manufacturer.

* Suitable under ceramic tiles, also in wet areas, provided a suitable waterproofing system is used. Bathrooms without specific floor drainage do not count as „
wet areas“.
** Under resilient floor coverings, a separating filler is recommended to prevent plasticiser migration.


Advantages & properties of PROFIMAT® Akustik base

Icon Tested impact sound reduction

Tested impact sound reduction

Akustik base achieves an impact sound improvement level of ≤ 29 dB.

Icon Permanently elastic

Permanently elastic

The elasticity of PROFIMAT® Akustik base ensures a pleasant and quiet room climate.

Icon Easy installation

Easy installation

The product can be cut easily and quickly with a carpet knife.

Icon Highly resistant, durable material

Highly resistant, durable material

The elastic and at the same time stable material rubber granulate is extremely robust and provides the desired impact sound insulation for many years.

Icon Pleasant walking feeling

Pleasant walking feeling

The reduction of sound and vibrations results in a more pleasant walking experience.

Icon Nachhaltige Werkstoffe

Sustainable materials

The product is made of recycled rubber granulate and can also be recycled again after use - in keeping with the environmentally friendly rubber cycle.

Application examples of PROFIMAT® Akustik base