PROFIMAT® Curb ramp

Curb ramp for cars, trailers, pallet trucks and wheelchairs


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The PROFIMAT® rubber curb ramp facilitates driving onto curbs and thus effectively prevents damage to tyres, rims and shock absorbers. The rubber curb ramp is simply placed against the elevation to be crossed and gently nestles against the curb. It can be removed at any time, for example when cleaning the street. It is not necessary to screw or glue it to the surface.

In contrast to improvised solutions such as wooden sheaths or wooden slats, the shape of the PROFIMAT® rubber curb ramp has been perfectly adapted to the height of curbs.

Curb ramp

It is not only cars that benefit from the ramp: the curb ramp also makes it easier for pushchairs, wheelchairs or people with walking disabilities to cross. Trailers, forklifts or lift trucks also benefit on construction sites from curbs that are easier to drive over.

Two well thought-out recesses allow cables (up to 10 Ø mm) and hoses (up to 23 Ø mm) to be laid under the rubber kerb ramp. The product is water-permeable, allowing rainwater or dirty water to drain away quickly.

Please note that our curb ramp may only be used in public areas or on publicly used roads/paths after testing and corresponding approval! In case of non-observance, use is always at your own risk!


Advantages & properties of PROFIMAT® curb ramp

Icon Protection of tyres & rims from sharp curbs

Protection of tyres & rims from sharp curbs

Due to the shape and elasticity, the ramp protects effectively when driving up.

Icon Built-in hose and cable ducts

Built-in hose and cable ducts

So that possible garden hoses or power cables do not have to be squeezed under the rubber curb ramp, there are integrated channels.

Icon Optimal ramp aid

Optimal ramp aid

In addition to cars and trailers, wheelchair users, for example, also benefit from the simple drive-up aid.

Icon Frost and weather resistant

Frost and weather resistant

The curb ramp is resistant to all weather influences such as frost, ice, wind and sun. Rotting is impossible.

Icon Sound-reducing properties

Sound-reducing properties

Driving up and down curbs without a ramp causes dull noises. These are effectively reduced.

Icon Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials

The product is made of recycled rubber granulate and can also be recycled again after use - in keeping with the environmentally friendly rubber cycle.

Application examples of PROFIMAT® curb ramp